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Empowering Front Line Professionals with Non-Aggressive Defence Training

Cutting-edge Customer-Facing Training that prioritizes modern, safe, and preventative self-defence solutions.

What is SHIELD?

Shield is a company dedicated to teaching non-aggressive and pro-active self-defence techniques. We believe in creating realistic solutions for all customer-facing employees.

Our comprehensive training programs equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to handle potentially dangerous situations. Our goal is to provide non-violent resolutions for employees of the hospitality industry.


Your employee's safety is our top priority. We teach defence training that prioritizes employee and client safety. We empower employees with the confidence and skills to handle aggressive situa´╗┐tions while maintaining a positive client experience.

Workplace violence

Post Pande´╗┐mic Violence

Post-pandemic the world's seen a drastic increase in aggression and violence. Between numerous articles highlighting attacks on flight attendants to an increase in social media posts about unruly customers in public spaces, front line workers are being put in potentially harmful situations.

Value of Non-Aggressive Self-Defence Training

Just as how first-aid training is vital to business safety, non-aggressive defence training is equally beneficial.

Proper self-defence training can foster a safe and secure environemnt where employees and customers alike feel comfortable. Investing in a program that values non-harmful self defence solutions, shows employees that their company is committed to their safety and the safety of those around them.

About Synergy's Shield

John Kolakovic is a lifelong martial artist and 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo with over 40-years of experience. John founded Synergy Martial Arts in 2005. The school has grown drastically over its 18 years of business, teaching taekwondo, kickboxing, bootcamp, and self-defence programs to clients of all ages and experience levels.

In terms of self-defence training, John is contacted and hired by organizations of all sizes. His self-defence program incorporates a non-aggressive approach designed specifically for the ever-changing workplace enviroment.

Shield focuses predominantly on group training, private training, corporate training, and security.

Knowlege and training certifications:

Shield partners with experienced hospitality leaders specializing in Hotel, Travel, and Restaurant industry to gain practical knowledgable and in sight of employee roles, trends, and impacts.

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What Makes Us Different?

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Non-Aggressive Approach:

Our focus on non-aggressive defence techniques sets us apart from traditional martial arts or self-defense programs.

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Industry Specificity:

We understand the unique challenges faced by the hospitality industry, providing customized training to address their specific needs.

Practicality and Applicability:

Our training emphasizes real-life scenarios and practical strategies that can be imediately implemented in the workplace.

Discussing the Companies Core Values

Core Values


We emphasize the importance of non-violence and de-escalation techniques to ensure the safety and well-being of both employees and guests.

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We believe in empowering individuals by providing them with effective self-defense strategies that promote confidence and security.

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We tailor our training programs to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by the hospitality industry, ensuring practical and applicable skills.

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What We Do for YOU!

Improve Employee Safety on the Job - Every Day!

We only teach proven techniques and tailor our training to the specific needs of your organization. We know that finding a solution that meets your company's individual needs can be difficult. That is why we talk to our clients about their individual needs and create a program that addresses those concerns.

We work with the Management,

Unions, and Health and Safety Committees and Security Department to determine the best options for your organization.

Promoting Employee Confidence - Empower your Employees!

Proper training builds confidence as employees learn to handle potentially violent situations with efficiency and with minimal risk of harm. Employees are taught to identify potentially harmful situations and to redirect violence with non-harmful holds and restraints. Knowledge builds confidence and knowing how to protect onself without causing harm leads to confidence.

Why Invest?

By implementing comprehensive safety training programs, employees will feel more secure in their work environment, leading to increased confidence and improved retention rates. This will also result in a positive reputation for your organization both internally and externally, positioning you as an industry leader committed to prioritizing employee safety and well-being.

Moreover, such training will mitigate the risk of workplace violence and injury, resulting in fewer lost workdays and reduced WSIB claims. This, in turn, will lead to a decrease in claims and insurance costs, ultimately contributing to a more productive and profitable organization."

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the know how - the Tools

Your employees learn hand on proven, and tested defence-only techniques for defending themselves on the job.

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the path

On site, Online or Customized Program for your organization

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the reward

Safe employees, lowering at work violence, incidents and insurance claims

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Our Plan for You

We provide a combination of virtual and hands-on services to meet all our clients needs.

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Our videos provide a flexible solution to customer service training, where employees can learn essential safety skills at an individualized pace.

We offer established curriculum video tutorials or custom-made videos to your organization needs.

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Our on-site classes provide a hands-on approach to customer service safety. Our clients gain real life experience from practicing and perfecting de-escalation and non-violent self-defence solutions

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Our customized training plan, which involves on-site training sessions complemented by an instructional video, follows a 'train the trainer' approach, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.

This comprehensive training plan has been successfully implemented by many of our clients, who have also integrated it into their internal E-Learning Programs, resulting in enhanced employee knowledge and skill development."

Classroom Training:

Best Plan:

Training Videos:

Our Partnerships and Clients Past and Present

Feedback from Clients


Hannah Morales

Outstanding training, boosted staff confidence. Improved customer satisfaction and positive reviews. Highly recommended!

five star rating
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Teddy Yuhui

Top-notch training partner. Improved communication and problem-solving skills. Happier customers, boost in online reputation. Thank you, Synergy Hospitality Training!

five star rating
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Lorna Alvarado

Game-changer for our hotel. Improved guest satisfaction and increased repeat business. Thank you, Synergy Hospitality Training!

five star rating


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Toronto, Ontario

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(647) 344-7961

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